What We Believe

God’s love is for everyone. For you. For me. For All.

We believe this because of the Bible – the story of God and humanity surrounded with creation and divinely inspired as books, letters, songs, dances, poems, and prophecies that comprise the Holy Scriptures of the church. We believe this as we read and pray with the Bible as continue to hear by faith the way God speaks mercy, compassion, grace, and love to the world still today.

As Christians, we believe this because of Jesus, the word God speaks into humanity in the fullness of time as a first century Jewish Rabbi, whose way of life, death, & resurrection reveals to us that God’s love knows no bounds, no exceptions.

As Episcopalians and Lutherans, we believe this because we inherit an ancient and enduring tradition which embraces the world with a vibrancy renewed and inspired for this Good News of God’s love. We believe not just by our minds, but in our heart, soul, and strength that invites the whole of who God has made us to be to serve others in love.

We believe in a mature faith that is supported by healthy religion, whose practices and disciplines lead us to experience this Good News of God’s love and respond to it in our lives and by our actions.

We believe beyond us or them, good or bad, strong or weak, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat, for or against, this or that, but rather that the mystery of faith doesn’t fit neatly into dualities and involves asking more questions than we answer.

We are a creedal faith, rooted in an enduring tradition, steeped in the Holy Scriptures, guided by reason and wisdom.

The Nicene and Apostles Creeds, dating back to the 300’s C.E., are some of the oldest summaries of our faith in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Catechism is a commentary on the Apostles and Nicene Creeds and provides an Outline of the Faith. It is found in the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer.