Batting A Thousand

Some of you may be familiar with batting averages in baseball. It is a modified percentage of the number of hits as a ratio to the number of times at bat. Similar to a student ‘acing’ an exam or the recent perfect half-pipe snowboarding run by Shaun White at a score of 💯, humans have developed may ways to measure and compare our achievement in pursuit of excellence.

When we learned last week that our “Signature Ministry”, Food for a Thousand, delivered a total of 1060lbs. to local ministry partner, Neighbors-in-Need, I wanted to share it with you.

After lower yields in 2015 and 2016, it was thrilling that we made it to 1060 lbs in 2017, especially considering the failure of our potato crop. Of course, some of the most nutricious vegetables, kale and turnip greens, weigh the least as we consider the impact of our ministry. – Norris Wooton

Started in 2013 as a project connecting the gifts of creation with the needs of local families, Food for a Thousand is a garden ministry of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Albany, GA.

For those looking to be involved, here is a report from Ministry Leader Norris Wootton:
The Weather Channel predicts that the high Saturday will be 60 in Albany. As the low Friday night is to be 28, I suggest we begin work at 10:00 to let things warm up a little. David Shivers helped unload mushroom compost in the garden yesterday, and we have granulated organic fertilizer on hand. We can weed and then amend the soil in beds 3, 5, 11 to be ready for the onions and the spring collards. Let me know if  you can help Saturday.

Email Norris to let her know you can help.