A Celebration of New Ministry


It is my great pleasure to share an invitation to a Celebration of New Ministry with Bishops Benhase and Gordy. The word ministry is an old English word that simply means to represent or act under the authority of another. Our ministry represents the Gospel of Jesus Christ and finds its expression within the Episcopal Church. The New Ministry we celebrate is the covenant partnership between the Members of our Congregations and me as your Rector, by God’s grace. Historically, the rite installed a priest as an extension of ministry of the Bishop, and held legal significance at times in the Church of England. For us, the service marks the beginning of our partnership, asking God’s blessings upon our mutual ministry, sharing gifts and symbols of our ministry, affirming the bonds of our ministry in our diocese, and inviting the wider community to surround us with their prayers. There will be a festive reception following the service, and you are encouraged to invite members of the community to attend.

Peace to you,